Matrix Matched Certified Reference Materials

Geostats Pty Ltd has the ability to produce Certified Reference Materials from site sourced material. CRMs sourced from the desired matrix are the best for monitoring quality.

At the start of 2010, we invested in equipment to produce up to approximately 50kg (depending on density) lots at our O'Connor office (see photos below). Larger lots (up to 4 tonnes) are produced in liaison with Gannet Holdings.

1 Cubic Meter Drying Oven.

Jaw Crusher.

LM2 Pulverising Mill.

20L Vee-Blender.

We mainly produce sub 75um materials for analytical accuracy testing. However, we also manufacture coarse (100% < 4mm) materials for the bauxite and iron ore industries.

If you are interested in our capabilities of producing a matrix matched material for your site, please contact us.