Certified Reference Materials

These certified reference materials (also known as standards) are used to monitor the accuracy of analyses reported by mineral testing laboratories. They are a nominal 40 micron particle size and are thoroughly blended to become as near to homogeneous as possible for the particular sample matrix. They are used by laboratories for internal quality control, and used by mining companies to check that the laboratories are reporting analyses to an acceptable degree of accuracy.

We have an extensive range of standard materials to choose from. These come from a wide variety of sources and represent a good cross-section of sample matrices. We have supplied these certified reference materials to a large number of Australian projects and mines, as well as many consignments to Asia, Europe, Africa, North America and South America.

The tolerances attributed to these products have been assigned using values reported in the six-monthly Geostats Laboratory Survey. Over one hundred laboratories from all parts of the world take part in these surveys and the survey reports are subscribed to by many of the senior mining houses both in Australia and in other parts of the world.

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Please see below for examples of how we package our CRMs.

1kg container

250g container

200g glass jar

Heat sealed plastic packets

Heat sealed foil lined packets

Labelling of individual packets with product code. Labels are removable so they can be removed from the packet and attached to sampling logs.

Random numbering (client preference) of individual packets for submission direct to the laboratory.

Coarse basalt blank - 4mm (pulverisation only)

Coarse basalt blank - 40mm (crushing & pulverisation)