Geostatistics, Standards, Scatterplots, Histograms, Control Charts - Mining and Exploration version 1.1


QC Monitor


  • Scatterplots,
  • Histograms,
  • Control Charts,
  • Import Facility,
  • Robust C++ code,
  • Import data from other database or spreadsheets programs,

An excellent partner to your more traditional applications!



Maintained by Geostats Pty Ltd

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QC Monitor is no longer being supported by Geostats. It has been very useful over its life. You can download a full copy of the program by clicking here.

QC Monitor is a new program which has been specifically designed to short-circuit problems involved in the presentation of quality control data on exploration and mining projects.

A Microsoft Power Point presentation is available here, that describes the uses of  QC Monitor. This requires Power Point, or the Power Point Viewer available here.

Fast presentation of scatterplots, control charts and histograms are the main attributes of QC Monitor. These features and a good facility for the transfer of data from other spreadsheet or database programs make QC Monitor a good partner to more traditional computer programs.

We are confident that the program will simplify your work with mining and exploration quality control data. The program is written in C++ allowing a strong graphical basis for the plotting of data. Individual points can be highlighted in scatterplots, control charts and histograms. Data relative to these points can be inspected with a simple right click of the mouse. Log reports allow anomalous or suspicious data to be saved to file. All chart formats can be set up for one presentation of titles and updated quickly for different ranges or different data sets.

Because QC Monitor is so much faster and easier to use than any comparable product you will find more time for further investigations of your data.

Contact us at for information on prices and delivery for the fully functional QC Monitor application.