Geostatistics, Standards, Scatterplots, Histograms, Control Charts - Mining and Exploration version 1.1

Control Charts

Control charts monitor the analyses of standard materials used by the mining and analytical industries. A standard database forms the backbone of this function and includes details of the mean and standard deviations relating to individual reference materials.

A simple interface allows the input of analyses on certified reference material data. This input can relate to date, job numbers, dispatch and sample number and is flexible in most regards. The control charts shown here are examples of the output of these processes.

The maintenance of a good certified reference material database in QC Monitor allows the user to be up to date with both information and plotting on a day to day basis. Managers and supervisors can use the QCM Viewer to access this data across networks without being able to alter the content. This means that all departments involved in the monitoring of certified reference materials can be kept up to date.