Custom Laboratory Proficiency Testing Programs

Geostats Pty Ltd is also capable of delivering custom proficiency testing programs to mining companies or laboratory groups. We can utilise our extensive range of off-the-shelf CRMs or we can custom make a material. Please contact Stuart if you would like further information.


Geostats currently provides certified reference materials to SGS Laboratory Quality Services International (LQSi) for use in their monthly proficiency testing program. Samples are labelled and shipped directly to the majority of the participating laboratories along with reporting paperwork. The participants forward their results directly to LQSi for analysis and reporting.

Rio Tinto - Quality Assurance Group

Geostats has been actively involved in the quality monitoring of the Rio Tinto minesite laboratories and three commercial laboratories since August 2007. The quality monitoring involves two programs - one to monitor accuracy and one to monitor precision.

Accuracy is monitored through the analysis of Certified Reference Materials on a one-per-shift basis. Precision is monitored through the dispatch of routine pulp samples to Geostats for re-packaging and re-numbering. These samples are then returned to the analysing laboratory for re-assay.

Results are forwarded to Geostats on a monthly basis, and they are statistically assessed to determine quality and if any corrective action is to be undertaken.